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A 2-for-1 coaching package

Your fitness coach

"Yo! My name's Austin & I know what it's like to want more out of yourself. I also know how it feels to get more out of yourself (...it feels amazing btw). My goal is to make sure you experience that for yourself. Trust me... your goals are in good hands. I'm looking forward to walking you through your personal journey of transforming your body & overall health!"

Your nutrition coach

"Hey! Fantasia here... I'm so excited take this journey with you. My God given interest in nutrition plus my own previous struggles with health aid in my ability to empathize with each of our clients' health challenges. Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain weight, or simply striving for better health, I'm confident that my coaching around nutrition paired with Austin's fitness instruction will help you reach your goals. 

See you on the other side! "

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth"

-John Whitmore

Training Packages



You have a general idea of how to reach your health & body goals but you need a little boost, some direction, and healthy accountability to make it your reality.

  • MyZone community
  • ​Private Facebook group
  • ​Workout & nutrition plan


You're ready to embark on a 90-day journey to learn everything you need to know about how to reach your health/physique goals. You along with many others in this virtual group training environment will become empowered by the experience of building generational health together.

  • MyZone community
  • ​Private Facebook group
  • ​Workout & nutrition plan
  • ​Access to exclusive BGH Courses **
  • ​Weekly feedback calls w/ Q&A **
  • ​Live MyZone group workout sessions


You might be concerned about your health and you know it's time to get it under control. The Intense package is not only everything BGH has to offer, but you'll be in constant communication with us to ensure results are obtained. You're beginning to realize that your health is your #1 priority and you're ready to take it back... and we're ready to do it with you.

  • MyZone community
  • ​Private Facebook group
  • ​Workout & nutrition plan
  • ​Access to exclusive BGH Courses
  • ​Weekly feedback calls w/ Q&A
  • ​Live MyZone workout sessions
  • ​2 private virtual sessions per month**
  • ​MyZone workout assessments **
  • ​Ongoing text communication **
  • ​Calorie & macro-nutrient coaching **
  • ​Profile in our private training app **
  • ​Intense progress monitoring **

Our secret sauce

We've partnered with MyZone to provide the most advanced virtual experience in the market. 

*The activity belt is required for participation in our program and will be added as a one-time charge of $54.99 to your purchase at check-out*
It starts with us... & we leave it with them.
When are you going to realize that your health/wellness journey is bigger than you? 

Generational Health is all about passing down healthy genes AND healthy habits to our children so they can pass them down to their children. What good is setting our children up with a solid financial foundation if they won't have optimal health to enjoy the wealth you're building for them?
If you haven't quite had kids yet, you have a head start to get (and keep) your health under control!

We've embarked on this journey to not only help you have a more fulfilled life, but to make sure that the generations that come after you have the best chance possible to do the same thing.

Let's start Building Generational Health Today!
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